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Personal information

The information that you submit will be held by us (Hammersmith Medicines Research Unit Ltd) for the sole purpose of allowing us to contact you to let you know about studies that you might be able to participate in. We may keep the information about you on paper and in a computer database. If you do not take part in the study some of the information about you may be seen by the organisers of the study, and by the authorities that regulate medicines in the UK and other countries. However, volunteers’ names wont be on any document that leave HMR; we would use only your initials, sex, date of birth and trial number.

You’ll be asked to agree that HMR and people acting on our behalf can store your information, including personal and medical details. We’ll ensure that information is kept confidential in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. We’ll keep your records for as long as required by law and international guidelines for clinical trials. We may use the information to contact you in the future about clinical trials. If you write to us to ask to see your records, we’ll send you a printout of your details, and you’ll be able to requests additions or corrections.

Access logs

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Cookies is a piece of data sent from website(s) (or service from a third party such as Google Analytics by Google) and stored in your internet browser(s) that can be tracked later. However, administrator of the website(s) cannot collect personal information (name, date of birth, contact details etc.) from cookies on our website.

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