Want to volunteer for a clinical trial and receive payment for it?

Do you cover travel expenses?

Your study payment includes all your travel expenses. We won’t pay any extra travel expenses unless we’ve specifically agreed that with you.

How is the payment amount decided?

Payment is according to the length of the trial. It doesn’t change according to the type of study medicine.  Payment is for your time and inconvenience and is never a reward for risk.  It’s a ‘thank-you’ for seeing the clinical trial through to its completion.

How will I receive study payments?

We try to encourage bank transfer for study payments, as they’re the quickest and safest way for you to get your payment. But if you make it clear that you’d like to be paid by cheque, then we’ll do that.

When will I receive the study payment?

We’ll pay you about 2 weeks after we discharge you from your final session, if your results show that you don’t need any more tests. If you still need more tests at 2 weeks after your final session, we’ll pay you half your study payment then. We’ll ask you to come back for repeat tests. You won’t get the rest of your study payment until the doctor decides that you don’t need any more tests. Wherever possible, we’ll pay you by electronic transfer into your bank account. If we can’t do that, we’ll write a cheque in your name, and mail it to the address you give us. We won’t make any other arrangements for payment.

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