14-503 – £2,800 + Travel expenses

  • Men and women with osteoarthritis of the knee needed for a experimental new medicine for pain caused by osteoarthritis. You must be aged 18 to 80 and if you’re a woman, you must be unable to have children, because you’ve been through the menopause or you’ve been sterilised. The trial involves 2 stays of 2 nights and 2 stays of 1 night in our unit, and up to 12 outpatient visits, over a 4 month period. Groups on-going.

17-502 – £2,050 + Travel expenses

  • Men and women with Osteoarthritis of the knee needed for a potential new treatment that may reduce the pain in OA and slow down the rate of the disease. You must be aged 30 to 79 and if you’re a woman, be unable to have a baby because you are postmenopausal or you’ve been sterilised. Vegetarians and smokers of up to 10 cigarettes per day are allowed. The trial involves up to 4 nights’ residence, 8 outpatient visits and 1 follow up. Groups on-going

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