Crohn’s disease trial

Do you have Crohn’s disease? Are you over age 20 years old?

If your answer is yes to all of these questions, you might be suitable to take part in the study of a ‘tracer’ that may be used in body scans (PET scans) to locate areas of bowel inflammation.

As with all our trials, we’ll give you a free medical, including blood, urine and heart tests. We’ll also pay you for your time and inconvenience. If you’re interested, please complete an enquiry form.

Enquiry form

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  • The information that you submit will be held by us (Hammersmith Medicines Research Unit Ltd) for the sole purpose of allowing us to contact you to let you know about studies that you might be able to participate in. We may keep the information about you on paper and in a computer database. We will stop contacting you about clinical trials if you inform us at any time that you no longer wish to be contacted.

    If you do take part in a study, some of the information about you may be seen by the organisers of the study, and by the authorities that regulate medicines in the UK and other countries. However, your name would not appear on any of the study documents that we might prepare: we would use only your initials, sex, date of birth and a trial number.

    If you don't take part in a clinical trial and you want us to remove your details from the database, you must ask in writing. If you do take part in a clinical trial, we will keep your details in case you need to be informed of any important information linked to your participation in the trial.

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