22-507,  £300
+ up to £50 per visit as travel allowance

People with treatment resistant depression (TRD) needed for the study of a psychedelic substance that occurs naturally in many plants and some animals (including humans). Psychedelic substances, also known as hallucinogens, act on the brain causing temporary changes to perception, sensations, and emotions, which can be intense.

We are testing a new form of 5-MeO-DMT (called BPL-003) as an experimental new medicine for TRD.

The study drug is given as a spray into the nose.

To take part you must be a man or a woman aged 18 to 75, have TRD, and not have used psychedelic substances in the last 6 months.

Women able to have a baby must have a contraceptive implant, IUD, IUS or ‘coil’. Postmenopausal, surgically sterilised, and women who have only same-sex relationships are also allowed.

The study involves 1 night’s residence on our wards, and 11 outpatient visits (4 of them can be video calls).